Jesus Christ Jesus is God's Son and Appointed King, the Messiah. ( Daniel 9:25 ). Jesus is God's greatest Prophet. Belief in Jesus Christ is essential to salvation. More than belief in Jesus Christ is required. Jesus Christ is God's provision for mankind. Acts 3:19 "Repent, therefore, and turn around so as to get your sins blotted out, that seasons of refreshing may come from the person of Jehovah Acts 3:20 and that he may send forth the Christ appointed for you, Jesus, Acts 3:21 whom heaven, indeed, must hold within itself until the times of restoration of all things of which God spoke through the mouth of his holy prophets of old time. Acts 3:22 In fact, Moses said,`Jehovah God will raise up for You from among Your brothers a prophet like me. You must listen to him according to all the things he speaks to You. Acts 3:23 Indeed, any soul that does not listen to that Prophet will be completely destroyed from among the people.' Acts 3:26 To You first God, after raising up his Servant, sent him forth to bless You by turning each one away from Your wicked deeds." Acts 4:12 Furthermore, there is no salvation in anyone else, for there is not another name under heaven that has been given among men by which we must get saved." Acts 10:37 You know the subject that was talked about throughout the whole of Judea, starting from Galilee after the baptism that John preached, Acts 10:38 namely, Jesus who was fron Nazareth, how God anointed him with holy spirit and power, and he went through the land doing good and healing all those oppressed by the Devil; because God was with him. Acts 10:39 And we are witnesses of all the things he did both in the country of the Jews and in Jerusalem; but they also did away with him by hanging him on a stake. Acts 10:40 God raised this One up on the third day and granted him to become manifest, Acts 10:41 not to all people, but to witnesses appointed beforehand by God, to us, who ate and drank with him after his rising from the dead. Acts 10:42 Also, he ordered us to preach to the people and to give a thorough witness that this is the One decreed by God to be judge of the living and the dead. Acts 10:43 To him all the prophets bear witness, that everyone putting faith in him gets forgiveness of sins through his name." Acts 16:31 They said: "Believe on the Lord Jesus and you will get saved, you and your household." Acts 17:30 True, God has overlooked the times of such ignorance, yet now he is telling mankind that they should all everywhere repent. Acts 17:31 Because he has set a day in which he purposes to judge the inhabited earth in righteousness by a man whom he has appointed, and he has furnished a guarantee to all men in that he has resurrected him from the dead."